WinDraft -- 
Expert Document Drafting for Windows

Note: Our WinDraft is a tool for drafting word processing documents.

There is another "WinDraft," a specialized application from Ivex for EDA (Electronic Design Automation) featuring schematic capture and PCB layout.

WinDraft is a state-of-the-art document assembly engine that works as an add-in to both Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. It is an "electronic form book" that has the ability to "think like a lawyer." An intelligent WinDraft data entry screen asks you all of the factual and legal questions needed to draft a client document or batch of documents. From this information, WinDraft generates customized documents based on your knowledge and using your language. Using WinDraft, a skilled practitioner can develop expert systems that capture all of the firm's knowledge and expertise and make that expertise available to everyone at the firm. WinDraft will automate even the most complex documents.

With WinDraft You Will

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