LawOffice 97TM

"The must-have add-ins for Microsoft Office."

LawOffice 97 is a suite of add-ins to Microsoft Office 97 that is highly tailored through targeted consulting to meet the objectives of a particular law department or law firm. Any of the items you see described below can be customized for the needs of any law office.

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A package of solutions for lawyers using Microsoft Office: 

The Lawyer's Word
  • Migration Macros
  • Templates for the most common documents
  • "White paper" on how to set up law firm templates
  • Paragraph Numbering and Headings -- Solutions to Word's problems for transactional lawyers
  • Styles, etc.
  • Integration with graphical forms
  • Law office letterhead software
  • Paper tray selection macros
Document Automation
  • From simple to complex
  • Both paragraph library approach and programming approach
  • Litigation
  • Corporate
  • Estate Planning
  • I.P.
  • Fully integrated with Outlook, document management, and intranet (web browser)
Outlook Enhancements
  • Case Management Front End with Client/Matter Orientation
  • Legal Tabs/Forms on Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, and Journal entries
  • Actions Tab/Form on each
  • Custom fields added for legal applications
  • Timekeeping module with ABA Uniform Billing Codes, full integration, and automatic creation of billing records
Exchange Server
  • Case Management
  • Links with Clients
Document Management
  • Integration with Docs
    • Document Assembly of managed paragraphs, like "autotext"
    • Automatic creation of profiles
  • Index Server -- Full document management features
  • Web Browser
  • VBA/Active X -- Document management interface built into Word for those who don't have DOCS.
The "A" Team
  • Eidelman Associates -- Ann Arbor, MI
  • D/V Technology -- Ann Arbor, MI

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