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Attorney Jim Eidelman discovered the power of computers for legal applications in 1979, and created Eidelman Associates. The company is dedicated to supporting attorneys in the creation of "expert systems" to do legal analysis and document drafting. Jim is a nationally-known writer, lecturer, and consultant on all aspects of law office technology.

Eidelman Associates advises law firms and law departments across the country in the areas of document assembly, word processing, litigation support, legal accounting systems, case management, and network integration. We provide all services, from needs analysis and planning, to any phase of implementation.

In addition to our consulting services, Eidelman Associates has also created WinDraft, a state of the art document assembly engine for Windows. WinDraft is an "electronic form book" that has the ability to "think like a lawyer." An intelligent WinDraft data entry screen asks you all of the factual and legal questions needed to draft a client document or batch of documents. From this information, WinDraft generates customized documents based on your knowledge, and using your language.

From needs analysis and planning to any phase of implementation, Eidelman Associates can help.

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